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Powder coating and cermaic coating

  1. Powder Coating Benefits -  An advanced method for decorative and protective finish to any type of metal that is used externally.  Color selection is almost unlimited with options: flat, metallic, candies, clear, fluorescent, wrinkle and glitter finishes are avaliable.  Provides durable finish, protection of the part/item and an environment friendly solution.
  2. Cermaic Coating Benefits - It was reserved for the high-end aerospace and military applications.  Developed to help on antifriction, seizing, disperse heat overall lowing the engine compartment temperatures. Colors are only limited to flat black, black, and titanium.
  3. Cost - Our cost sturctured is based on the type of part, time of part/item prep and the coating material.  Starts off at $40.00 for small parts up to $150 being the highest coat.  For the ceramic coating cost starts at $150.

Porting and Polishing

We offer services to port and polish

ECM/PCM - Tuning



Our tuning equipment utilization is based on HP Tuners. Cost of Tuning a GM ECM/PCM ranges from $225 to $500. It's all dependent on the year of the ECM/PCM



From 1989 vehicles to today's Ford we can tune. The only difference is that we need a programmer for us to do a tune.nThe price range various on Ford ECM/PCM. Contact us for a tuning price bundle that includes the programmer as well.



From 1996 Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler vehicles to today's year. Need a programmer in order to provide a proper tune for your Dodge. Price for the tuning various on the years of the ECM/PCM. Contact us for a tuning price bundle that includes the programmer as well.



From BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, to hyandai we can tune it.  Although the price will range that is based on your ECM/PCM code. If you wish for an estimate contact us.



Ferrari, Porche, Lamborhini or any other type of extoic, we can tune it. Contact us for a price estimate, we will need your ECM/PCM code numbering as well.

Laser Engraving

Bring your items to get them personally enagrave. We can laser the world!!

Laser engraving cost is based on the design and the material!

Powder coated and Laser Engraved - $45.00

Rebuild or Build


Boost Solution

No matter how big or how small your cubic enigne is, a boost using either a turbo, nitrous or a supercharger it can provide over 25% of HP and Torque.



Blot-ons are made for your daily driver while providing that extra power you need.


Transmission Rebuild

4x4, street racing or drag racing we have the transmission upgrades for you.


Engine Rebuild

Either stock or high performance we have your solution to get you where you need to be.


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